Screen Visor | Face Shield | Splash Shield | Face Protection Shield

Screen Visor | Face Shield | Splash Shield | Face Protection Shield

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Face Visors | Face Shield | Protect Against Infections

Screen Visor | Face Shield | Face Visor | Splash Shield | Face Protection Shield

Face Visors Face Shield provide a physical barrier which minimises the exchange of droplets between people in direct contact.

Size: 32 x 22 cm
Thickness: 0.2 mm +/-
Band: Elastic
Colour: Royal Blue
Material: PET (Laser Cut)  
Suitable for:
Hospitals and Medical practices,
Supermarkets and Retail,
Services and Education sector,
Industries and Offices.

Main Features:

Shields the entire face

Can be thoroughly disinfected and reused

Anti-glare, anti-condensation and sweat resistant

Allows a full range of head movements

Unlike face masks, the visors allow the wearer to breathe normally without creating

Fits all head sizes due to elastic headband

Headband is padded for comfort

Glass-clear visor is made from high quality antibacterial plastics
Visor can be lifted (when working at a computer for example)

Open and remove the visor using the head band which avoids touching contagious material on the visor

Provide yourself and people around the certain distance that is necessary for the current exceptional situation. The attachable visor serves as an effective protective measure in direct contact with customers and colleagues. The Big Daddy face visor provides a physical barrier which minimizes the exchange of droplets and is therefore suitable for several fields of application, e.g. hospitals and medical practices, supermarkets and retail, services and education sector.

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