Playing Card 2 3 4 5 | Printing Mesh Stencils | Edible Ink

Playing Card 2 3 4 5 | Printing Mesh Stencils | Edible Ink

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Design: Playing Card 2 3 4 5
Material:Food Safe Fabric | Hand Washable.
Retailer: Cake Decorating Craft UK

Printing Mesh Stencils by Karen’s:

Printing Mesh Stencils application is a new and unique concept for Cake makers and Decorators to print fine beautiful and delicate continuous edible patterns by using a combination of Edible Printing Ink and specially designed delicate flexible Printing Mesh Stencils.
Printing Mesh Stencils is a new idea in the Cake Cupcake Cookies Decorating Craft world extended from a very idea of Polymer air brush stencils used in combination with the Edible Air Brush spray colours and Air Brush spraying kit.
Printing Mesh Stencils is very easy to use and prints beautiful and delicate patterns in less than 20 minutes allowing cake decorators to spend less time creating the authentic and delicate designs with super ease.
Printing Mesh Stencils are super soft and flexible providing a great alternative to Polymer Stencils which are flexible but still rigid and doesn’t allow continuous printing patterns.

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Edible Printing Ink:

Edible Printing Ink is available in a unique ready to spread edible formulations and is available in many natural matt colours and shades.
Although there is another alternative to Edible Printing Ink which is Royal Icing based and mixed with gel colours however it entirely depends on the cake makers and decorators which one works fine for them.
Edible Ingredients:Rice Starch, Glucose, Fructose, Glycerine, Water, Edible Colouring, Binder, Hardener, Emulsifier (Gluten Free)

From novice to professional, the hobbyist and anyone in between - there is bound to be something here for you.

Printing Mesh Stencils and Edible Printing Inks works beautifully on Fondant | Sugar Paste | Marzipan | Ready to rolled icing | Gum paste | Modelling Paste | Flower Paste | Dried Royal Icing on Cookies | Edible Cake Lace Fabric Sheet | Edible Isomalt Glass Panels.

Instruction for the Printing Mesh Stencils and Edible Printing Ink:

First smell can be very strong when the lid is open each time for the Edible Printing Ink pot. After the lid is open each time the smell goes weak and completely disappears.
Keep it refrigerated once the lid is open | After taken out from the refrigerator each time leave it at the room temperature for 10 - 15 mins and stir the Edible Printing Ink until smooth before spreading. If the Edible Printing Ink is too thick in consistency and difficult to spread, add few drops of water as per requirement and mix it to thin it down until the Edible Printing Ink looks soft smooth spreading paste.
Position the Mesh Stencil | directly over the Cake or onto the Rolled sheet of Fondant | Sugar Paste | Marzipan | Ready to rolled icing | Gum paste | Modelling Paste | Flower Paste or Dried Royal Icing on Cookies | Edible Cake Lace Fabric Sheet | Edible Isomalt Glass Panels
Spread the Edible Printing Ink over the mesh stencil using the Offset spatula or Palette knife or Bowl Scrapper or Squeegee.
Make sure to spread in one direction and cover all the white part of the design on the Mesh Stencil.
Remove the excess Edible Printing Ink Paste (This can be re used again)
Immediately remove the stencil after the spreading is done | Printed design can be air dried.
The Mesh Stencil can be washed straight away by hand using a light washing liquid or soap and can be air dried before re using or storing.

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